Custom Hinged Plantation Shutters

Our range of hinged plantation shutters is the go-to option for people who want timeless, stylish shutter solutions for their homes. With excellent quality and craftsmanship, the hinged shutters are the ultimate choice for creating vibrant interior spaces.

Regardless of the theme of your property, our hinged interior shutters will enhance your room’s feel through their opulent, classy appeal.

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The Right Decision For Your Home

Our hinged window shutters are bespoke solutions that are crafted to address the style and functional requirements of your home.

The features of our hinged window shutters include:

  • Complete control of light and mood with adjustable panels
  • Comprehensive customisation options
  • No-fuss and low maintenance
  • Insulated and economical
  • Family-friendly and versatile

The shutters feature the highest levels of quality craftsmanship to give you long-lasting results. The design of the shutters lets natural light in, while keeping the unwanted attention and noise out.

All our products come with high-quality hardware for hassle-free installation and operation. The hinges are fully adjustable and feature a removable pin for trouble-free installation.

To complement various room interiors, we offer hinged shutters made in three different types of materials

Premium Basswood

Made from superior-grade European Basswood, these hinged shutters will not crack or dent easily. Sourced from FSC-certified forests, the quality of the wood allows us to offer you unlimited decorative and shaped framing options.

With the option to choose a comprehensive palette of painted and stained colours, the shutters highlight the natural qualities of timber. The excellent range of panels, blade, blade tilt, window shapes, and panel options allows you to get tailor-made framing solutions for your property.


Our plantation shutters are hard wearing and have excellent moisture-resistant features to accommodate the wet areas of your property such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. The use of polyresin blades with an aluminium core and polyresin frames ensures that the shutters do not crack, chip, or warp – making them one of the most durable shutters available on the market.

The excellent insulation properties of Thermo25® shutters for temperature and noise control make them a great choice for energy-efficient homes. Available in a range of colours and painted after assembly, these shutters also give a seamless, elegant finish.


ThermoTec® is a specially engineered hybrid product that combines the best characteristics of Thermo25® and Premium Basswood. You get the Basswood advantage of shaped and decorative framing with the hard-wearing properties of Thermo25® blades.

With outstanding insulation properties for noise and temperature, and available in a range of shapes, ThermoTec® becomes one of the most versatile window shutters available on the market. The shutters are available in a wide range of standard colours and painted after assembly to give a seamless, elegant finish.

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The best decision for your home.

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